Vision Statement: Spring Arbor Township, a community of caring people, wisely expends resources to develop and maintain programs that improve the quality of life for its residents. Mission Statement: Spring Arbor Township efficiently provides constituent-oriented services for a growing and people-oriented community. The Township Values:
  • Equality of treatment for all residents.
  • Efficient thrifty operation of all programs and services.
  • Quality, constituent-oriented service.
  • Public safety for all residents.
  • Recreational and social opportunities for all ages.
  • High-quality infrastructure, which supports planned growth.
  • Citizen input in decision making.
  • Open and honest access to public information.
Guiding Principles:
  • Responding to citizen concerns and needs.
  • Treating all families with fairness and equality.
  • Maintaining high quality of water, air and land resources.
  • Preserving the historical and cultural resources of the community.
  • Involving everyone in the community, including churches, schools, senior citizens, youth, and families to identify and address needs of future generations.
Operating Strategies:
  • Promoting volunteerism, private sector support, and securing gifts and grants.
  • Planning for long-term capital expenditures, maintenance, and staffing needs.
  • Obtaining input from citizens.
  • Coordinating activities with other governmental bodies.