Spring Arbor Township has three voting precincts with over 6,000 registered voters in the Township.

To vote in an election, a resident must register. To become registered to vote, you can visit the township office, register online, or at any Secretary of State branch office if you are 18 or older and are a legal citizen.

2023 Elections

May 2, 2023 Special Election

November 7, 2023 Special Election

Clerk’s office open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the Saturday before each election.


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Am I registered to vote?

How do I register to vote?

Where can I view my sample ballot?

Where can I get an absent voter ballot application?

I am in the military. How do I vote?

Where is my polling location?

What are the new voter rights?

I am considering becoming an election inspector. How can I learn more?

DID YOU KNOW???  You can skip the line on Election Day and vote by mail?  Voting has never been easier!  With the passage of Proposal 18-3 in November of 2018 new changes are available for Michigan Voters.  One of the biggest changes is that ALL eligible registered voters in Michigan may now request an absent voter ballot without providing a reason.

You can also request to be placed on the permanent absentee voter list to save a step in the future. Absent voter list means that you will receive an application for each and every election you eligible to vote. Visit or call the Spring Arbor Township Clerk’s office to request an application prior to any Election, request to be placed on the permanent list, or if you have any questions about the process (517) 750-2800 Ext. 210 or 211

There are applications for election workers available at the township office. You may stop by and pick up an application or call and one can be mailed to you. On the application, you must stipulate your party affiliation. This is a legal requirement.

Election workers are required to attend certification training to work in the polls. There is a county election training meeting which will certify the worker for a two-year period. In Spring Arbor Township, the Clerk holds a training session prior to each election.

On the day of the election, workers must arrive at the polls at 6:15 a.m. to set up the precincts and voting equipment in preparation for the opening of the polls at 7:00 a.m. It is not unusual to have voters standing in line before 7:00 a.m. waiting to vote. After the polls close at 8:00 p.m., the election workers tear down the voting equipment and pack up all of the supplies which must be returned to the Township office that evening. Election workers are paid an hourly rate of $14.00. It is a long day working an election, but many workers enjoy seeing the people in the community and saying hello to their neighbors. There is also a certain amount of pride in being part of working an election. If you are interested and have the time available, please request an application via e-mail or contact the Township office by phone.
Election Inspector Application

In 2022 districting changes have allowed us to consolidate our voting precincts from 2 sites to 3 sites.  The voting precincts are:

Precinct 1 – voting at the Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church Family Center – 120 E. Main St., Spring Arbor
Please use the north parking lot and entrance doors

Precinct 2 – voting at the Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church Family Center – 120 E. Main St., Spring Arbor
Please use the south parking lot and entrance doors

Precinct 3 – voting at the Spring Arbor Church of the Nazarene –  8200 King Road, Spring Arbor
Please follow the signs using the east parking lot and doors

Your ID cards were mailed in late June and should tell you where you polling place is now.

Where Do I Vote?

Precinct 1

Bounded on the North on King Road from Dearing Road  west to Chapel Road;  Bounded on the west by Chapel Road south from King to Spring Arbor Road, west on Spring Arbor Road to Mathews Road;  the west boundary continues south on Mathews Road; Mathews Road turns to the east and becomes the south boundary until it reaches Horton Road.  The East Boundary is Moscow Road going north from Horton Road to Spring Arbor Road.  The North boundary continues on Spring Arbor Road from Moscow Road to Dearing Road and goes north on Dearing to King Road.   (These boundaries constitute and enclosed precinct.)


Precinct 2

Bounded on the North and East by the Township Line; bound on the West by Dearing Road going south to Spring Arbor Road; then east on Spring Arbor Road to Moscow Road going to the south on Moscow to Horton Road;  The Southern boundary is Horton Road from Moscow to the Township line.


Precinct 3

Bounded entirely on the North, West and South by the Township Lines and partially on the East by the Township Line.  The boundary then continues on Horton Road at the eastern Township line going west to Mathews Road which then goes north to Spring Arbor Road;  the boundary then goes east on Spring Arbor Road from Mathews Road to Chapel Road;  it continues north on Chapel to King Road;  it then goes East to Dearing Road; the final boundary goes not on Dearing to the northern Township line.

Voters can satisfy the picture identification requirement by showing a Michigan driver’s license or a Michigan personal identification card. Voters who do not posses either document may show any of the following forms of picture identification as long as they are current:

Driver’s license or personal identification card issued by another state.
Federal or state government-issued photo identification.
U.S. passport.
Military identification card with photo.
Student identification with photo – from a high school or an accredited institution of higher education.
Tribal identification card with photo.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 750-2800 ext 210 or 211.
Or email us at: elections@springarbor.org