Dave Herlein – Supervisor  (dherlein@springarbor.org)
Dave has been a Michigander his whole life, but came to Spring Arbor in 1976 as a student at Spring Arbor University. He has been a part of the Spring Arbor community ever since.  His vocational background has been in sales and distribution of electrical materials and supplies. He has owned and operated his own business for many years.

Dave was appointed to the Board in 2011, and then was elected in 2012. In addition to his Board duties, Dave serves on the Township’s planning commission, zoning board of appeals, and the long-range planning committee.

robert drain spring arbor township trustee

Robert Drain – Trustee  (rdrain@springarbor.org)
Robert has lived in Spring Arbor Township since the mid 1990’s and he wants to keep it a great place to live. He has been married to Joyce Drain for over 40 years. Together they have 5 children, 20 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.

Robert has experience in working with Region 2 Boards for police and Fire Departments. He worked as a supervisor for Consumers Energy for 32 years and is pro life.

Jim Buck – Trustee  (jbuck@springarbor.org)
Jim has been a resident of the Jackson area his entire life, but moved to Spring Arbor in 1979. He is a journeyman electrician, and has worked a majority of his career for large industrial enterprises. He was appointed to the Board in 2010, and was elected in 2012.

In addition to his Board responsibilities, Jim serves on the Township’s water, sewer and audit committees.

Troy Ganton – Trustee  (tganton@springarbor.org)
Troy is a “home grown” Spring Arbor resident. His vocation and interests have been in providing residential housing and care for senior citizens. Troy is a graduate of Spring Arbor University. He was first elected to the Board in 1988, and has served continuously since.

Caleb Runyon – Trustee  (crunyon@springarbor.org)
Caleb was raised in Spring Arbor and, except for one year of absence due to employment, has been a resident of the township his entire life.  He is a graduate of Spring Arbor University and has a background in software development and consulting.  Caleb was appointed to the board in 2016.

Julia Stonestreet -Clerk  (julia@springarbor.org)

Julia has been a resident of Spring Arbor Township since 1986. Her experience includes cost accounting, Township Deputy Treasurer, Symphony office manager brings an eclectic touch to the Township. Julia was first appointed in May 2010 and elected in 2012.

Julia truly enjoys serving the constituents of Spring Arbor and look forward to many more years as Clerk.

Colleen Gibbs – Treasurer  (colleen@springarbor.org)

Colleen was hired by Jacobson’s in their Detroit area corporate office at age 17 and was an assistant buyer by age 22. In the meantime she graduated from Detroit Business Institute and studied at Henry Ford College. Jacobson’s moved her to the Jackson area in 1988.  She became a buyer for various departments including Bridal gowns, children’s apparel and toys. She had a wonderful 23 year career with them and enjoyed the fast pace of the retail world and the frequent travel that went with the job.

Colleen moved to Spring Arbor in 1995 so her children could attend Western School District. She enjoys serving as Township Treasurer and getting to know the people of Spring Arbor. She was appointed to fill a vacancy in December 2008, and then elected in 2010 and 2012. Including her treasurer’s duties, she has served on the Parks and Recreation Committee, Sewer and Water Committee, and also oversees the permitting and billing for sewer and water systems.